Sesmark offers a variety of crackers, each with several variations. Sesmark Rice Thins - The lightest and crispiest of the Sesmark cracker range, these rice-based crackers are lightly baked to perfection and have no wheat flour at all. Sesmark Savory Rice Thins - A crisp and tasty cracker produced with a nutritious rice base, enhanced with sesame flour, sesame seeds and other ingredients. Always baked, never fried. Sesmark Sesame Thins - A rich and robust cracker made from wheat flour and sesame seeds are slow baked to perfection. Sesmark Savory Rice Minis – These ‘mini’ crackers are either brown or white rice based, they offer lots of flavor in each bite. Sesmark Ancient Grains – Are whole grain snacks made from brown rice, or the addition of red or black rice, that let you experience robust flavors of grains from a time long before modern “food processing”.
All Sesmark product have been verified by the Non-GMO Project, except for our Sesame Thins products.
Celiac Disease is a life-long inflammatory condition of the gastro-intestinal tract that affects the small intestine in genetically susceptible individuals. Gluten damages the lining of the small intestine, reducing its ability to absorb adequate nutrients from food, resulting in illness that may resemble malnutrition. The treatment for Celiac Disease is a strict Certified Gluten Free diet for life. For more information on Celiac Disease click the Web site link provided. http://www.csaceliacs.org/
Our Sesmark crackers are Certified Gluten Free, with the exception of the wheat based Sesame Thins products. We list all ingredients on our packaging and in the product section of the website.
Shelf life of our Sesmark crackers will vary slightly with the type of cracker, the Best By dates are listed on each package.
Sesmark crackers should be stored in a cool, dry place. They do not require refrigeration.
Whole grains include grains like wheat, rice, oats, barley, quinoa, sorghum, spelt, rye - when these foods are eaten in their "whole" form (more on that later). Eating whole grains has been shown to reduce the risks of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Health experts, including the FDA, advise that grains are a healthy necessity in every diet, and that it's important to eat at least half our grains as "whole grains." Related Links: http://www.wholegraincouncil.org
All Sesmark crackers are made with good grains including rice and wheat. A number of our Sesmark crackers are made with enough whole grains to qualify for the whole grain council seal. Related Links: http://www.wholegraincouncil.org
All Sesmark crackers are suitable for vegetarians, while most Sesmark crackers are fine for those following a vegan diet. The following products include some dairy ingredients and may not be suitable for vegans: Sesmark Sesame Thins – Colby Cheddar Sesmark Rice Thins – Cheddar Ancient Grains – Parmesan Herb Ancient Grains – Jalapeno Cheddar
The rice used in each product varies; we have white, brown red and black rice used in the different products. All rices are whole grain, with the exception of the white rice.
All Sesmark crackers are egg free.
Most Sesmark crackers are sugar free. See the nutritional panel declaration for the sugar content of each individual item.
All Sesmark crackers contain some sodium. See the nutritional panel declaration for the sodium content of each individual item.
Maltodextrin is derived from a corn source, however all Sesmark products that include maltodextrin have been Non-GMO Project Verified.
No, there is no MSG in any Sesmark cracker.