The History of the Sesmark Brand

On January 31,1984 Sesmark crackers began with the idea of producing baked products made from sesame seeds. The company was originally called Sesaco Foods and initially started producing baked sesame sticks, followed by fried and honey roasted sesame varieties.


Sesame Crackers debut


In 1985, the brand name was changed to Sesmark and the first sesame crackers were produced. These crackers were the wheat based Sesame Thins and they were first sold to neighborhood stores and delis. The original packaging included a cardboard tray with a clear over-wrap that consumers quickly embraced. Consumers liked the brand's fresh, authentic taste, sesame based hearty flavors and unique crunch. By 1987, the brand added three new varieties of Sesame Thins (Cheddar, Garlic and Unsalted) to the original.


Rice Crackers offer distinctive new flavor choices


With influence from new Japanese investors, Sesmark launched its first rice-based products in 1990. Called Savory Thins, this line of rice crackers was also sold in delis and was unique to the market, making them an instant success.


Four years later the Rice Thins products were added. These were a Japanese Usuyaki style of thin crisp rice cracker that Sesmark introduced to the United States packaged in a plastic tray and not the original cardboard tray.


On December 22, 1998, Liberty Richter purchased Sesmark from Sesmark Foods. This ownership would evolve into PANOS brands in January 2007. Later that same year Sesmark added a new product line of Multigrain Chips, a line of baked chips made with whole grains and sesame seeds.


Ancient Grains bring unique flavors to snacking  


In 2008, the brand launched its latest products Ancient Grains Crackers, which combine a rice base with four ancient grains (Amaranth, Millet, Sorghum and Quinoa).


Sesmark has a unique baking process that produces a thin, crispy and delicious cracker. The multigrain chips are manufactured using a unique ‘popped’ baking process. For almost 25 years, Sesmark has baked crackers and snacks that are free of trans fats, hydrogenated oils, cholesterol, and preservatives.